Venture: Introducing WooCommerce integration

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. With WooCommerce integration, you can sell almost anything online using your WordPress site.

Venture, a lightweight and fast WordPress theme, now comes with a complete WooCommerce support.

Since version 2.1.0 (see changelog),Venture integrates much nicely with WooCommerce. It means that you can have your shop up and running with minimum setup.

There is no need to add a custom integration anymore.

TheVenture theme already comes with a special integration for WooCommerce to allow you selling physical or digital goods through your WordPress site.

All WooCommerce elements shown in archive views, product pages and other WooCommerce pages automatically adapt to your Venture powered site.

These elements take colors, fonts and spacing out of the box based on the theme design system. Adaptation to the style used in the theme will help you make your WordPress site more professional.

WooCommerce is available for free from the official WooCommerce site or from the WordPress plugin directory. You can also install the plugin within your dashboard using WordPress plugin search.

If you are ready to create a professional WordPress site with a support for WooCommerce then get started with Venture today!

We are planning to continue improving the theme compatibility with this plugin, so you can build the online store of your dreams using WordPress technologies.

In case you need any help, we are just a mail away.

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