Themes Harbor wouldn’t exist without its lovely customers. Read what professionals say about working with us.

Going with Themes Harbor for their straightforward, yet eye-catching layout in the Prosperity theme was a great decision – but little did we know that we’d be equally impressed with the time and attention we received from the support folks, especially for help with an issue completely unrelated to their theme. Talk about going above and way beyond! Thanks, Themes Harbor. Strong work!

Rebecca Hagge profile

Rebecca Hagge

Marketing communications manager

I am very happy with the Venture theme by Themes Harbor that I’ve chosen for my website. They were so helpful and nice, helping me all the way through different changes I wanted to make on my site, but I did not know how to do it because I am a massage therapist and I do not have webmaster skills. I recommend everyone, who wants to build a WordPress site, to work with them. Their support is really outstanding: welcoming, always finding a solution for my problems, available, and quick — a pure pleasure to work with them!

Nadine Debétaz profile

Nadine Debétaz

Massage therapist

There are two to three themes in Theme Harbor’s excellent selection of WordPress Themes I could’ve chosen for my site. I settled on the Venture Theme and wanted to customise it to suit the purpose of my site. Taras, (and team) provided unwavering timely support whenever required, which is testament to the value they place on delivering great customer service.

Habib Cham profile

Habib Cham

Writer, Mobile tech

I first purchased the gorgeous theme “Hermes” from Theme Harbor in 2015. This was on and it looked exactly like in their demo website. Years later, I wanted to move my blog to a self hosted, with the theme. Taras from the support team helped me really quickly with that, with only two email exchanges! I can safely say that Theme Harbor support is not second to their amazing themes. Will surely come back, and I recommend them to anyone who needs some peace of mind in their WordPress development.

Chevindu Wickramathilaka profile

Chevindu Wickramathilaka

Mechanical engineer

I have never ever experienced such quality support before as from Themes Harbor. First I used their Venture theme, and shortly after the Appetite theme, and I can say that with the help of Themes Harbor’s support team I could satisfy all the needs of my clients or even more. I really recommend Themes Harbor’s portfolio of themes not only because of their quality support but for their technical excellence as well.

Kocsis Ferenc profile

Kocsis Ferenc

CEO of G.M. Production Kft

We have been really impressed by the friendly and helpful support offered by Themes harbor. Our theme has been easy to use and offered us lots of functionality. Where we have struggled to do something ourselves we’ve been clearly guided on how to come to a solution. Can’t fault!

Oliver Gummery profile

Oliver Gummery

Product and brand designer

When shopping for a WordPress theme back in February 2018, I found the Venture theme at Themes Harbor and loved the look, but what most impressed me-sold me-was that I got immediate responses to my preliminary questions about Venture. And I asked a lot of questions! But Taras got back to me with complete and reassuring advice. I’m getting some nice “wow” compliments on the new site. And, even now, a year and a half later, Taras responded immediately to a question, helped me tweak my CSS so I didn’t have to upgrade to use a plug-in!

Andy Reynolds profile

Andy Reynolds

Founder of Popular Publicity

I bought and installed the Venture theme by Themes Harbor – it was a very straightforward process. Setting up the home page was also easy enough as it is all outlined in the documentation step by step. Whenever I needed help, the support team was there and always responded promptly – they went above and beyond actually. Unfortunately, due to lack of research on my end, I had to change the theme in the end because I needed something else (within the guarantee period so I got my money back within days) but if you are looking for the functionality outlined on the demo home page of the Venture theme – I would definitely recommend it. The team was extremely helpful and friendly.

Emma Lecce profile

Emma Lecce

Project manager

I found that the theme Fortune is perfect for my business. I love the starting page, the menus and the sub-pages structure. The developer has been very active and the support is excellent. I have learned many things about CSS code, about plugins compatibility. The advices helped me to improve my site little by little. I am very happy.

Yannis Triantaphylides profile

Yannis Triantaphylides

Expert in mathematics

As a web-newbie, I could not have chosen better than Themes Harbor. I opted for the Venture theme that delivered the slick and modern look my client was asking for. It was surprisingly easy to populate and the great support team was very reactive, clear and patient on how to resolve the difficulties I was having as a newbie.

Sophie Knittel profile

Sophie Knittel

Communication & marketing consultant

Thank you support team of Themes Harbor, I am really impressed with the support service so far: in a very quick response I got good and quick answers, even during the Christmas period and during the holidays. That was awesome and I’m glad with my choice of theme Prosperity and the first-class support team.

Anna Herrmann profile

Anna Herrmann

Web developer

I just want to let you know that you do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to pick a theme made by Themes Harbor. It’s really great to see how easy it is to manage a theme as we want and being able to adapt the theme to a different language is a real improvement compared to the others. Now, I just choose the page, make the change and click save. It’s so simple. Thanks, Guys!

Max Tobelem profile

Max Tobelem

Web developer

I have nothing but good things to say both about the theme and the customer service behind it. Whenever I have a question, they’re extremely quick to respond, and I’m never left wanting. It’s the perfect theme for my purposes, and that personal touch from the company can’t be beat!

Taryn Ziegler profile

Taryn Ziegler

Digital content strategist

Working with the crew from Themes Harbor has been nothing short of exceptional. Not only is the theme, Prosperity, sensational but the quality of service is un-paralleled. Sending requests or help emails and getting a response almost instantly has been refreshing and made the building of my clients site an absolute pleasure. I am looking forward to working with their themes and them in the future. Thanks again.

Christopher Haigh profile

Christopher Haigh

Web developer

Wanted to thank you for making this engagement a rewarding experience for us at Greyhound Knowledge Group. Your themes are cutting edge and highly oriented towards ensuring the visitors have a great reading/viewing experience – goes to show the research that you’ve put in to make your themes truly world class. To top it, your unwavering support on customizations and helping solve even the most trivial issues is comforting to me as a business owner. Keep up the brilliant effort. Look forward to working with you.

Sanchit Vir Gogia profile

Sanchit Vir Gogia

Founder & CEO, Greyhound Knowledge Group

Finding a WordPress theme to suit a nonprofit organization was challenging. The Prosperity theme beautifully addresses our communication needs and really delivers. The layout is modern yet easy to navigate for our members and it is responsive across all devices. The support team is knowledgeable and quick to respond.

Paula Popa profile

Paula Popa

Graphic designer

As a business blogging coach I see tons of dysfunctional websites. Even the beautiful ones often don’t do the simple trick of catching your attention and getting you to read the most important text first. The products of Themes Harbor are exceptional because they are pleasing, they are calming, and they frame your content beautifully. Usability is excellent. And ever since I’ve started using its themes in 2013, the service has been unwaveringly swift and good.

Kitty Kilian profile picture

Kitty Kilian

Blogging coach

The Hermes theme is one of the sharpest looking themes I’ve ever used on WordPress. As a longtime user on the WordPress platform I’m very happy to be able to showcase my work through the Hermes theme. I’ve heard nothing but great things about my site because of the look of it. It’s great.

Jake Perper profile

Jake Perper

Sports writer

The Appetite theme was exactly what I was looking for in terms of layout and structural capacity to present the many different aspects of my business. While presented as a restaurant theme, I found it incredibly versatile and was able to utilize the food menu aspect to create a price list of my products that is easy to use and add content to. I have had only positive feedback about the beauty and design of the theme, not to mention Taras, the designer went above and beyond by providing assistance with troubleshooting and custom CSS when I got stuck.

Brittany Cox profile

Brittany Cox

Antiquarian horologist & conservator

Themes Harbor is a true pleasure to work with. The Venture theme looks great and has been easy to customize. On the support front, any questions always receive an instant response. It feels like I have my own personal web dev team standing by!

Win Goodbody profile

Win Goodbody

UX designer & photographer

I built my small business website using WordPress and have found Fortune to be perfect for my needs. It’s a beautiful, modern, and responsive theme. It helps me to present my practice in a very professional way. Also, I can’t say enough good things about the support Themes Harbor provides – they are helpful and quick to respond.

Katrina Taylor profile

Katrina Taylor


After screening hundreds of themes I’ve found Hermes: simple, cool, clean and nice. It fits perfect to my needs and after only one day building up the content my new site was on and is getting a very positive feedback from my customers. And: I’m a total web-newbie. The support, by the way, is quick and qualified!

Andreas Büter profile

Andreas Büter

Food & lifestyle coach

After looking at what seems like every single theme on marketplace, this refreshing theme is the only one that even came close to our needs. It’s easy and intuitive to set up and comes with great documentation. Not to mention the support is amazing and super fast!

Jade Adele profile

Jade Adele

World adventurer & blogger

We really appreciate all of the feedback our customers have given us over these years. Themes Harbor team would like to say thank for choosing us as your trusted partner! Our team of experienced, proactive and passionate experts will continue to provide the quality and service we have become known for, and will continue to look for new ways to exceed your expectations and deliver memorable experiences.