Hermes: Introducing the Grid Page template

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The Hermes theme just got a little bit more flexible. By default, the theme provides a grid layout only for archive views including the blog page. Regular pages with a default page template are designed to display only its content. These pages do not support a grid layout. Well, they did not support it until a version 2.1.0.

We’re glad to introduce you the Grid Page template added to Hermes in a version 2.1.0. This template allows to create a grid of pages on a regular page. Moreover, a page with the Grid Page template can be set as a static front page. So, instead of having a blog as your homepage, you can have a static front page with a grid of other pages.

By the way, do you know that you can also change a number of columns shown in the grid layout? This amazing feature was added to the Hermes theme in version 2.0.0.

We hope that you enjoy these recent changes in the theme and we look forward to hearing your feedback, and continuing to develop a professional WordPress theme for your site. See ya next time!

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