Adding symbols and special characters in WordPress

Symbols and special characters like Copyright (©) and others often need to be added somewhere into content on your WordPress site. Fortunately, it is not very difficult to add them to your website.

Most keyboards do not contain special characters keys. However, there are cases when you need them to use on your site. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to insert symbols and special characters into your WordPress site.

If you want to add a symbol or a special character to text using the Block editor, then you can try a 3rd party plugin which comes with a functionality of adding a special character while working within the WordPress block editor.

For example, you can use the Insert Special Characters plugin developed by 10up, a reputable and premium web agency which has a lot years of experience of working with WordPress.

If you want to add a symbol or a special character to a widget, then we need to use a HTML method of adding special characters. For it, we will use default WordPress widgets: Custom HTML and Custom Text.

First, we need to get HTML character entity. Then open “HTML” tab in the Custom HTML widget, or “Text” tab in the Custom Text widget, and add the entity name of your character to the textarea.

Then finish your text and make sure save changes when you are ready.

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