Hybrid WordPress themes

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Hybrid WordPress themes offer the best of both worlds by combining traditional templates with Full Site Editor components.

This combination allows users to design their entire website using the block editor, eliminating the need for a separate page builder plugin or custom code.

The Site Editor, also known as the Full Site Editor (FSE) or simply the Editor, is a block-based visual editor that provides a page editing experience within the WordPress platform.

Hybrid themes take advantage of the customization options offered by the Editor, while still maintaining traditional templates and styles for specific pages or content types.

This enables WordPress users to create a custom website using the block editor while preserving the structure and design of a traditional theme.

However, fully integrating the Site Editor with a hybrid theme can be a challenge and may cause the website to break. The reason is that the Site Editor requires a unique theme structure that is not present in traditional WordPress themes.

Hybrid themes at Themes Harbor

At Themes Harbor, all of our premium themes were created prior to the introduction of the Block Editor in WordPress.

Nevertheless, we have transformed these themes into hybrid themes to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress release. This guarantees that our themes continue to offer a seamless experience to our users.

However, transforming our current hybrid themes into block-based themes for the WordPress Site Editor is not possible, as explained earlier in this post.

As a result, we have embarked on creating new, block-based versions of our premium themes to fully support the Site Editor tool and provide a comprehensive experience for our users.

Below, are our current hybrid themes available for purchase:

Our other hybrid themes are no longer available for purchase by new users. Instead, we offer block-based versions of those themes:

Note, even though some of out hybrid themes are no longer available for purchase by new users, we still provide active support for the hybrid version of the theme for our existing users who have active and valid license keys.

Also, it’s still possible to renew the license key since those themes are still under active development and support.

Get access to block-based versions

If you have already used one of our hybrid themes before the release of the block-based version, then you can gain access to the block theme files.

However, you need to have an active license key.

Contact us with your active license key, and we will provide you with access to the block version of the theme.

The access period will be based on the expiration date of your existing license key for the hybrid theme.