Image block in WordPress

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The Image block in the WordPress Block editor is a widely used tool that allows to add and customize images in posts and pages.

The block allows to adjust the size of the image, add a caption, and align the image to the left, center, or right of the block. Also, WordPress allows to add a link to the image.

Add Image block

To add image in WordPress:

  1. Click on the + Block Inserter icon in the Editor top bar.
  2. Search for “image”.
  3. Select the image block from the available blocks to add it to the content area.
  4. Once added, upload an image from a computer or select one from the media library. Make sure to add alternative text for the image, which is important for accessibility and SEO purposes.

Change Image block style

To change the style of an Image block in WordPress:

  1. Select the Image block.
  2. Navigate to the Block tab in the settings sidebar.
  3. Under Styles, select preferred Image block style.

WordPress comes with two built-in style options for Image blocks – Default and Rounded, but some themes may include additional styles for this block.

To add a link to an Image block in WordPress:

  1. Select the Image block.
  2. Click on the Link icon in the Block Toolbar.
  3. Add the URL of the webpage you want to link to.
  4. For additional settings, click Link settings icon. It allows to choose to open the link in a new tab and add a title attribute for the link.

Overall, the image block in WordPress is a powerful tool that allows you to easily add images to your posts and pages and customize their appearance to fit your needs.