Major theme update: Venture 2.0

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Hundreds of professionals all over the world use the Venture theme to power their WordPress sites. Today, we are happy to announce a new version of Venture which brings many performance and accessibility improvements along with some great theme additions.

Venture is a simple, creative theme, perfect for designers, developers, photographers, and other professionals who wish to showcase their work.

Custom Colors

The Custom Color functionality has been completely refactored in order to reduce the amount of custom CSS used when custom colors are set, and provide better flexibility and bug fixes. Also, the theme now has two new color controls for primary and secondary colors. It will give you more control over the main colors on your site.

Moreover, this functionality has better support for WordPress editors, Classic and Block. You can now see your site’s custom colors while using these editors. By providing these changes, we want to reduce the amount of inconsistency between the editor and your actual site.

Since the theme now has basically a new Color Control functionality, the accent color needs to be selected again after updating to version 2.0.

Custom Fonts

The Custom Fonts functionality has received improvements as well. Your custom fonts are now shown in the Block and Classic editors. Therefore, you can now better understand how your content will look on your actual site.

Also, we were able to reduce the amount of custom CSS used when custom fonts are set to make your page lighter. The Custom Fonts functionality still remains friendly to users. You can easily change defaults of your site using simple controls provided by the WordPress core.

Featured Content

The Featured Content section, which is shown on the Front Page template, has received several enhancements. After updating the theme to version 2.0, you’ll notice a new option in the Theme Options for the Featured Content section.

“Display slide excerpts” option allows to display optional custom excerpts in the Featured Content slideshow. To add excerpt to the page shown in the Featured Content section, simply use the excerpt field which is provided by default by the WordPress core.

Theme icons

Icons play an important role in many user interfaces. Venture also uses icons to provide better guidelines of the use of your site for the site visitors. In this version of the theme, we have presented a totally new way of displaying icons on your site.

Previously, we have used the font icons library to display icons. It worked well but we found that this approach has its downsides: accessibility and performance problems. As a result, the theme now has a totally new functionality for displaying icons. Venture no longer uses the font icons library; instead, it uses SVG icons.


We want your site to be fast to provide a good user experience for your site visitors. To do so, almost every template of this theme has been refactored in order to increase a performance of your site. The theme keeps default templates structured and minimal to decrease HTTP overload.

Also, we have optimized the theme styles to reduce the amount of styles used on the page of your site. A new theme design system allows to eliminate duplicates in styles and to keep the design of your site more consistent.


Many sections of the theme have been refactored in order to provide a better accessibility for your site visitors. Forms now have better visual cues and appeal which can help you to establish cordial relations with the visitors of your site.

Front Page and Grid templates have a better structure to provide more information for users who use screen readers. Other templates and template parts have received some changes as well in order to provide more semantic structure for various pages on your site.

Block editor

The Block editor is a powerful tool designed to help you build and design pages and posts using various blocks. Venture now has a much better support for the Block editor. We’ve fixed a lot of style inconsistencies between the Editor and your actual site when using default WordPress blocks.

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