Introducing Matthew: A professional theme for WooCommerce

Release of the Matthew theme

We always keep improving functionality of our themes but during the last few months we have also dedicated a lot of time to craft a totally new theme for you. So, we are happy to announce the release of the Matthew theme!


WordPress theme for WooCommerce

Download the theme

Matthew offers a clean, accessible, bloat-free WordPress theme for WooCommerce. We keep theme options to a minimum to reduce theme complexity and improve performance of your site. We understand that this is one the main keys to success of your online store.

Because Matthew supports default WordPress blocks and WooCommerce blocks, you can create various layouts without using any third party page builder. You can build your own beautiful online store using your own creativity and make money while you sleep.

Matthew is a Gutenberg (Block-editor powered) WooCommerce theme ideal for people who want to start selling their own goods and services online. The Matthew theme will help you create a beautiful, performant, professional, online store that’s readable and accessible.

This theme sold exclusively on WooCommerce. With a power of WooCommerce, we have designed this theme to help you sell both virtual products (like workshops) and physical products (like hoodies).

Main features of the theme

  • Mobile-first design. The Matthew theme will make your content look beautiful on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop screens so your customers can easily continue their shopping experience on various devices.
  • Localization-ready. Matthew is translation-ready, meaning you can translate your WooCommerce store to any language you need to, to create an intuitive user flow that guides customers through your site.
  • Full integration with WooCommerce. Matthew offers in-depth support and design integration for WooCommerce so you can create a convenient and flexible shopping environment for customers.
  • Full integration with the Block editor. Matthew comes with support for a native WordPress drag-and-drop Block editor to help you build various layouts without using third party page builders.
  • Customizer support. Matthew uses native WordPress functionality for theme options which makes it more intuitive.
  • Accessibility, built-in. The theme’s attention to accessibility guidelines will make your online store accessible to the widest audience possible and help you to sell more goods or services to more people.
  • SEO-optimized. The Matthew theme is carefully built with search-engine-friendly code to ensure your WooCommerce store gets noticed by search engines.
  • Performance-oriented. The Matthew theme is developed from the ground up with a clean code and careful attention to WordPress coding standards to make your online store extremely fast and performant.
  • Customizable. The Matthew theme includes support for intuitive theme options to help you easily change fonts, create a color palette ​to meet your brand guidelines, and more!
  • Minimalistic. The theme eliminates unnecessary page elements to make content stand out.
  • Ongoing development. We are constantly working to improve the theme.

We hope you enjoy this new WooCommerce theme as much as we do. For more details please visit the theme’s page.

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