Themes Harbor news – Issue #3

The past few months were focused on improving Themes Harbor and its products. As it was already said in one of our blog posts, development never stops at Themes Harbor. The goal is to provide you a perfect WordPress theme that makes it easy to create a professional site.

My name is Taras and I am the founder of Themes Harbor. I continue to write these brief blog posts to let you know what is happening here at Themes Harbor. So, let’s review what has been done in the previous months at Themes Harbor.

Release of major versions

These several months were a little bit busy. You have probably noticed it because I’ve not posted a blog post regarding the Themes Harbor news last month. There is a reason behind it. I’ve spent all my energy and focus to release major updates for mostly all premium themes provided by Themes Harbor.

Information about these updates can be found here: changelog and development blog. The only theme that left is Fortune. The work is in progress and I hope that the update for this theme will be released soon.

Changes in Mail SMTP

Themes Harbor uses a special service for sending emails in order to improve email delivery. Previously, we used a native WordPress functionality to send emails but it has its own issues. The current solution works better than a native functionality of WordPress but there are still some issues.

The service provides us a shared IP to send emails. Even though our reputation is perfect, there might be users who send spam. As a result, some hosting providers block IPs who send spam. And because we use a shared IP, Themes Harbor emails can also be blocked.

I am currently in the process of fixing this problem by switching to another service which provides a dedicated IP address. Hope it will improve deliverability of our emails and isolate Themes Harbor reputation from spammers.

New version of Themes Harbor

I’ve also started to work on a new design for Themes Harbor. The goal is the same as it was for the current design: keep it simple. I’ll share more updates regarding a redesign of Themes Harbor site in the future.

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