Major theme update: Prosperity 2.0

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Many professional organizations use the Prosperity theme to power their WordPress sites. We are happy to announce a new version of Prosperity which comes with many performance and accessibility improvements.

Prosperity is modern theme with a clean and professional design. It is suited for small to mid-sized businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Theme icons

Prosperity uses icons to provide better guidelines of the use of your site for the site visitors. Initially, the theme used the font icons library to display icons. Now, the theme comes with a totally new way of displaying icons on your site. Prosperity uses SVG icons instead of the font icons library to improve accessibility and performance of your site.

Block editor

Prosperity now comes with a much better support for the Block editor. We’ve fixed a lot of style inconsistencies between the Editor and your actual site when using default WordPress blocks. You can use the Block editor to build and design your pages using WordPress blocks.


The theme comes with a support for WooCommerce to help you make a professional online store where you can sell products or/and services. A new version of the theme brings better support for WooCommerce blocks and improves overall styles of WooCommerce elements on your site.


Accessibility is important for any site. So, sections of the theme have been refactored in order to provide a better accessibility for your site visitors. The theme templates have received some changes as well in order to provide more semantic structure for various pages on your site.


Almost every template of this theme has received improvements in order to increase a performance of your site. The goal of a new update was to keep the theme’s templates structured and minimal in order to decrease HTTP overload.

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