Themes Harbor news – Issue #1

I am the founder, developer and creative mind behind Themes Harbor. Our company is focused on providing professional themes for WordPress sites. I’ve decided to publish blog posts on a regular basis to tell you more about activities that are happening at Themes Harbor. This is the first post from these series.

I am constantly working to improve the Themes Harbor products and the site itself. You will not find a new theme every month in our collection of WordPress themes. Our latest brand new theme was released a few years ago. Why? Themes Harbor is focused more on quality rather than quantity.

You can preview the changelog to see an active development for our existing themes.

Brand new theme

This year, I’ve started to develop a new theme. It is not done yet but I hope it will be released very soon. This theme will have a little bit different focus compared our current themes. Still, it’s based on our main principles: simplicity, performance and best practices. Moreover, we are integrating a new principle to our themes: accessibility.

I’ll tell you more about the theme once it will be released. I really hope that you’ll find it useful.

Documentation portal

We have a new documentation portal. Previously, Themes Harbor has used a simple plugin to display the documentation portal on the site. Also, I’ve been working on a brand new plugin to improve the functionality of this portal but the development of the plugin has been stopped due to a lack of time. 

Instead, all documentation articles have been moved to the 3rd party service. This move has a few benefits. First, I can now fully focus on the themes and the Themes Harbor site itself. Second, the service provides better options to create documentation articles. Lastly, a new portal has better analytic tools which helps to make it more user friendly.

The work is still in progress but the documentation portal is functional.

Current themes

Themes Harbor does not stop to release updates for the current themes. The goal is to make sure your site remains secure and professional. Currently, the main focus is the Block editor. To be more specific, its default blocks. Also, to be honest with you, it is hard to make sure that the Block editor works flawlessly with the theme at the moment.

This editor is under an active development which means it’s not perfect yet. Well, nothing is perfect but this editor still has a lot of problems. The good news is that there are many people who are working on those issues. The bad news is that … um … you can read about it in the post written by Justin Tadlock. Check out the comments section as well.

Anyway, I do my best to fix those issues in our current themes. Also, there are many other update focuses that are not related to the Block editor. I am trying to improve accessibility of the themes. However, there are some sections/options that cannot be changed, such as default colors, because it can break thousands of sites.

Moreover, Themes Harbor is almost done with refactoring of the current themes to improve performance. There are still some sections that need to be refactored but, in general, a lot of work has been already done in this direction. On the other hand, this process will never stop because technology is continuously improving, so we need to keep up with it.

To sum up, the main focus for the summer season is: the Block editor, refactoring and fixing bugs. We might add additional focuses which will be announced in the future posts.

Blog posts

I am also trying to publish at least one blog post each month. Usually, these posts have an education purpose. Sometimes, I write about my ideas and opinions. To put it simply, I would like to share my experience with other people. Last month, there were two new blog posts:

I hope you found these blog posts interesting and useful.

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