Custom logo in WordPress

Banner for tutorial on how to add, remove, or change logo in WordPress

WordPress comes with a functionality to add a custom logo without a need to install any additional plugins.

However, not all themes support that native feature from WordPress.

At Themes Harbor, we rely on native WordPress functionality and follow WordPress coding standards.

Our professional themes for WordPress support native options to upload, change or remove a custom logo.

Upload logo

In WordPress dashboard:

  1. Go to Appearance → Customize to open the Customizer.
  2. Open Site Identity section.
  3. In the section, click the Select Logo button to open the Media Manager.
  4. Choose your logo image and then click Select.
  5. Click the Publish button at the top right of the Customizer to activate the logo.
WordPress option to upload logo
Preview of options in the Customizer, to upload custom logo in WordPress.

Change or remove logo

After setting a website logo, it is possible to change or remove it using the Remove and Change Logo buttons.

Be sure to click the Publish button at the top right to save settings.

WordPress option to remove logo
Preview of options in the Customizer, to remove or change custom logo in WordPress.

Hide Site Title and Tagline

By default, WordPress displays a website logo either above or next to the site title.

However, it is possible to hide the site title and tagline by unchecking the Display Site Title and Tagline box.

WordPress option to hide site title
Preview of options in the Customizer, to hide website title and tagline in WordPress.