Update WordPress

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To maximize website performance and keep it secure, always update WordPress to the latest version.

Ignoring WordPress updates can lead to risking website security, missing out new features and improvements.

Prepare for WordPress update

Before updating a WordPress website, make sure active theme and plugins support the latest version of WordPress.

Otherwise, it might cause incompatibility conflicts that can mess up the functionality of a website.

Another important step before updating WordPress is to backup a website.

Having a backup of a website allows to restore it in case anything goes wrong during the update process.

Better to be safe than sorry.

Update WordPress core

There are several methods to update the WordPress software.

  • Via WordPress dashboard
  • Via FTP or SFTP
  • Via WP-CLI

Learn more about updating WordPress on the official website.

Update WordPress themes and plugins

Do not forget to update theme and plugins and check for updates on regular basis.

Performing late updates can heightening the risk of potential crashes.


Performance, security, accessibility and a good design are essential part of a professional website.

WordPress theme plays a vital role when it comes to building a website.

That is why, it’s important to keep it updated.

You can perform the theme update by visiting the Appearance » Themes page.

Our professional themes for WordPress are designed to work with the latest version of WordPress.


WordPress plugin updates can fix bugs, provide new features and correct security vulnerabilities.

So, always keep your plugins up to date.

You can install these updates by visiting the Plugins » Installed Plugins page.

At Themes Harbor, we cannot guarantee that your installed plugins will work perfectly with the latest version of WordPress.

If you experience issue with one of your plugins after the core update, then you should contact the author of the plugin.

As our support policy states, issues with plugins should be raised with the plugin author.