WordPress theme changelog

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Changelog is a place to find information of all notable changes made to a WordPress theme.

All of our premium WordPress themes are constantly being updated with new features, bug fixes, and adjustments to help having a professional website.

Each WordPress theme comes with a changelog to view a chronologically ordered list of changes.

Partial changelog

You can view the latest few updates made to a premium theme within a WordPress dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Appearance → Themes.
  2. Any themes that have updates available will display an alert banner. From the banner area, click on the Check out what’s new link to view a changelog.
Preview of Themes page in a WordPress dashboard with active update notification.

Usually, the partial changelog shows the recent three releases of the theme, with a link to a full changelog.

Full changelog

Themes Harbor also provides a full changelog. You can find these changelogs on the Changelog page:

  1. Locate the theme in the list.
  2. Click View changelog to learn about changes made to the theme.

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