Themes Harbor news – Issue #5

WordPress 5.8 is coming. Dropping support for Internet Explorer 11. Plans for improving the process of layout creations in custom templates. Updates with improvements and bug fixes.

My name is Taras, and I am the founder of Themes Harbor. I write these brief posts to inform you regarding the latest news from Themes Harbor.

Let’s review these news.


Breadcrumb trail allows to show a user’s location in a site. All of our professional WordPress themes, except the Venture theme, support a breadcrumb navigation.

The Venture theme should receive support for breadcrumbs in upcoming theme releases.

WordPress 5.8

WordPress 5.8 is scheduled for June 2021. Themes Harbor themes will be compatible with this version of WordPress.

I am very excited for this update. I believe it might help to reduce complexity of creating layouts currently used in the custom templates, and make these layout more flexible.

At the moment, templates such as Front Page and Grid Page are not possible to replicate in the Block editor because the editor does not provide all options needed for these templates.

Upcoming WordPress version should include blocks that we will be able to use to create layouts shown in Front Page and Grid Page templates.

Example based on the Prosperity theme.

I want to show you a preview of my layout experiments using new blocks that are planned to be included in WordPress 5.8.

Example of the testimonials section shown on the Front Page template in Prosperity.

The Prosperity theme comes with a support for testimonials which can be showing only in these two places: Front Page template and Testimonials archive page.

Example of the settings available for the section shown on the Front Page template in Prosperity.

Layout options for the testimonials section are currently limited. Only the Front Page template allows to change number of columns in the grid: a two columns layout and a three columns layout.

Example of the testimonial section created using the editor only.

Upcoming WordPress version should allow to create the testimonial section on any page. Moreover, the section will have more layout options, which can be configured within the editor.

Example of the settings available for testimonial section in the editor.

After a WordPress 5.8 release, I will test all these layout experiments, and if they all work — our themes will receive support this process of a layout creation.

Ending support for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 11 will no longer be supported with the release of WordPress 5.8. WooCommerce will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 as well.

Dropping a support for Internet Explorer 11 in themes, allows to optimize codebase for better performance.

Improving default blocks

Development of the Block editor is in an active phase. That is why we might see some inconsistencies in the editor.

Professional WordPress themes by Themes Harbor are constantly updated to address those inconsistencies and provide you a better experience. You may find the latest updates in a changelog.