Themes Harbor news – Issue #4

Themes Harbor has a new design. Also, our premium themes now come with an optional demo content. Documentation for the themes becomes better. Themes include more improvements and bug fixes.

My name is Taras and I am the founder of Themes Harbor. I continue to write these brief blog posts to let you know what is happening here at Themes Harbor. So, let’s review what has been done in the previous months at Themes Harbor.

New design of Themes Harbor

If you are a regular visitor of Themes Harbor then you’ve probably noticed that a design of the site has been changed.

I would like to mention that it’s not a final version of this design. I will be making additional changes to some sections in order to make the site more comfortable for the visitors.

My main goal when working on a design for Themes Harbor is to make it clean and simple, while keeping it accessible and performant.

Also, this version of design has better focus on typography. I’ve started to write more “how-to” articles in a blog. A better typography can make a reading process more pleasant.

I am documenting a process of creating a new design for Themes Harbor for my own needs. Thus, I might provide a much more detailed information about it in the future once this report is ready.

Demo content

Personally, I don’t like a demo content because, usually, it ended up involving more work and more time. The thing is that a demo content has to be removed or changed for your own.

However, there are people who find a demo content as a nice way to get started with the theme. I totally respect that.

This is the reason why now all professional WordPress themes at Themes Harbor provide a demo content. A link to a demo content can be found on a showcase page of the theme. Also, there is a documentation page regarding a demo content.

By the way, I would recommend to avoid importing a demo content into a live site with content; keep it to new sites with not content only.


Documentation is an essential part of a customer support strategy. Thus, I’ve also started to spend more time on a documentation portal to make it more informative and user-friendly.

I am currently in a process of making more meaningful groups for articles located in a documentation portal. Basically, I want to re-organize documentation material to improve search functionality.

Also, I’ve started to create video introductions for our premium themes. Currently, only the Venture theme has such instructions but I am working on other themes as well.


A breadcrumb is a type of navigation scheme, indicating where the user is on the site. Recently, the Aquene theme has received an update which provides an ability to display a breadcrumb navigation on the site using the Yoast SEO plugin.

Now, five of our professional WordPress themes, support this type of navigation:

  • Aquene
  • Fortune
  • Prosperity
  • The Breaking News
  • Matthew

Other themes, such as Hermes, Appetite and Venture, will also have this type of navigation in the upcoming theme updates. I am working on it.

Infinite Scroll

Professional WordPress themes from Themes Harbor also come with a support for Infinite Scroll provided by Jetpack.

Recent theme updates include some style fixes and improvements for this functionality when using in one of our premium themes on your WordPress site.

Gallery captions

Previously, there were some conflict issues in the gallery captions. As a result, some captions were hidden on the site. Recent theme updates fix these kind of issues.

Social menu

Social menu is getting better as well. Professional themes now have a better support for Google maps and Pinterest links.

Author social links

The author bio is a small section where you can find information about the author of the article. I want to make this section more informative for your site visitors.

By default, a WordPress core does provide any fields to add Facebook, Twitter or other social profiles. However, it’s possible to accomplish it using 3rd party plugins.

One of these plugins Yoast SEO which you can freely download from WordPress plugin repository, and use on your WordPress site.

Thus, I’ve started to add support for this kind of functionality to all premium themes located in the Themes Harbor collection. Currently, the following themes have such support:

  • Aquene
  • Prosperity
  • The Breaking News
  • Matthew

Other themes, such as Fortune, Appetite, Venture, and Hermes will also have this type of navigation in the upcoming theme updates. I am working on it as well.

Other improvements and bug fixes

There were other important changes made to the themes to keep your site professional and user-friendly for your audience. For more information, please check a changelog page at Themes Harbor.