Themes Harbor news – Issue #2

A month ago, the first blog post regarding activities that are happening at Themes Harbor has been published in this blog. It is time for the second blog post. In this article, I would like to briefly tell you about activities that have happened at Themes Harbor for a past month.

Development never stops at Themes Harbor. Themes Harbor site and its products are constantly improving to provide you a professional solution for your site. So, let’s review what has been done in the last month at Themes Harbor.

Documentation portal

There were some changes made to our documentation portal. The main idea was to improve readability and to match a design of the Themes Harbor site. A home page of a documentation portal and its archive pages are finished.

Singular pages where the main information is located do not such changes yet but they will be ready by the end of this month. It does not mean that they do not work right now. They are functional but they do not completely match the styles of the home page and the archive pages.

Current themes

The most energy of the past month was spent on the premium themes. The thing is that I am preparing almost all premium themes for a major release (2.0). Unfortunately, there is no set date yet but I hope it will be done by the end of this summer. You can always follow the changes made to our themes by checking an official changelog.

If you are using a version of our themes then a release of new versions might be delayed for an unknown period of time. The thing is that these updates go to the review queue. Currently, the team seems to be pretty busy which delays the review process.

Basically, the main idea of this major release is to complete a refactoring. Moreover, there will be new features added to the themes to make our premium themes more flexible. Important to note, there are no plans to transform any of our themes to a multi-purpose theme. By a multi-purpose theme, I mean the theme with hundreds of options.

The goal is still to keep the themes simple, clean, performant and accessible. In short, continue making professional WordPress themes for you.

Themes Harbor site

Firstly, Themes Harbor has a new provider for a newsletter system. The main reason is that we do not need all the premium features provided by a previous provider. Also, these forms are no longer hosted at Themes Harbor. I am going to write a short blog post regarding this change sometime this month to tell you more about this decision.

Secondly, our contact form has been updated as well. Now, it provides more information for the support team about the support request. It allows us better to assist people who use our themes. Moreover, a new contact form helps to reduce spam.

Blog posts

The past month was a little bit busy, so I have not had a lot of time to write blog posts. As a result, there was only one new blog post published last month:

If you’ve not seen it yet, please do so to learn one of the basic aspects of making a professional WordPress site. I hope you found it interesting and useful.

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