Strikethrough text in WordPress

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Strikethrough text in WordPress shows the site visitor that some part of the text has been redacted, without a need of removing it.

There might be various reasons to cross off words in a website but  keeping track of changes made to a content area is one the most common ones.

Below, you can find an instruction on how to apply strikethrough character formatting in your WordPress site.

Add strikethrough formatting

Adding cross out text is quick and easy due to an in-build editor functionality in WordPress.

It means that you no need to install additional plugins or to have a coding skills in order to apply strikethrough formatting to text on your WordPress website.

To add a strikethrough text in WordPress:

  1. Open a page in the Block editor.
  2. Highlight the word(s) you want to cross out.
  3. Click the dropdown arrow within the toolbar in order to select Strikethrough option.
Preview of the Strikethrough in the block editor.

Using the Block editor, you can quickly add a cross line to the text within a few clicks. You can also apply these steps to other text in Headings, Buttons, Links, etc.

Additionally, you can change colors of your cross out words to make them more visually noticeable on the page.

Reasons to cross out words

After learning how to strike through text in WordPress, it’s important to understand the reasons for using this text formatting on a webpage.

One reason is to indicate a change in thinking or information by leaving the original text visible for transparency. This can help readers understand the evolution of ideas or opinions.

Another reason is to alert users that the information has been updated or revised since it was initially posted on the web. This is especially useful for websites that frequently update content, such as news sites or blogs.

Additionally, some people use the crossed out text to add a touch of humorous irony to their content. This can help to inject some levity into serious topics or to poke fun at common stereotypes or misconceptions.

In summary, strikethrough formatting can serve several purposes on a webpage, from indicating changes to injecting humor. Understanding when and how to use it can help you communicate more effectively with your audience.

What other reasons you have in mind? Please share them in comments below. I would love to hear them!