Static Front page in WordPress

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A WordPress theme’s front page can display either the latest blog posts or a static page with custom content.

By default, WordPress themes display recent blog posts on the home page, but you can change it to a static page instead.

Create new page

First step, create a page to use as a front page of a website:

  1. In WordPress dashboard, create a new page.
  2. Add page title.
  3. Add page content.
  4. Select page template (optional).
  5. Publish page.

Note, you can skip that step if you’ve already created the page.

Set static Front page

Second step, set that page as a front static page in WordPress:

  1. In WordPress Customizer, open Homepage Settings.
  2. Select A static page option.
  3. Choose newly created page from Homepage drop down menu.
  4. Publish changes.
Preview of Homepage settings in WordPress Customizer.

Add Blog page

Optionally, display latest blog posts on a separate page:

  1. Create a new page and be sure to publish it.
  2. Go back to the Customizer and open Homepage Settings.
  3. Choose newly created page from Posts page drop down.
  4. Publish changes.

Note, it’s important to set created pages in Homepage Settings in the Customizer. Otherwise, WordPress will not know which page to display and when.