Introducing Sortable block plugin

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Introducing Sortable Block – the WordPress plugin that allows to rearrange content by date, easily.

With this user-friendly plugin, make your WordPress website more organized and easier to navigate.

As an example, let’s say you have a Media page on a website that lists mentions of your company. These mentions might include articles from magazines, news stories from newspapers, or segments from tv shows.

Without proper organization, visitors may have trouble finding the most recent mentions of your company. It can also be difficult for them to stay up-to-date on what’s being said about your company.

This is where Sortable Block comes in handy.

With this WordPress plugin, you can filter your company’s media mentions by date. This will make it much easier for visitors to find the most recent mentions and stay informed about your company.

Sortable Block also offers two layout options – list layout and grid layout – so you can choose the one that best fits the design of your website.

Additionally, the plugin allows you to display the date of each mention, so visitors can see exactly when it was published.

Overall, Sortable Block is a must-try WordPress plugin. It’s free to download from the plugin repository, so give it a try today and see the difference it can make for your website.


This changelog is based on Sortable Block.


  • Add: support for colors in Sortable Date block;
  • Add: support for padding dimensions in Sortable Date block;


  • Update: detect time format in Sortable Date block;
  • Fix: wrong time output in Sortable Date block when viewed on front-end;
  • Fix: wrong time output in Sortable Date block when viewed on back-end;


  • Add: option to select between decreasing order & increasing order;
  • Add: option to choose format in Date block;
  • Update: description in blocks;


Initial release.


  • Update: formatting;
  • Update: information about sorting in main container;
  • Fix: date issue in editor;


  • Add: support for alignment and grid layout;
  • Update: allow Group block in Sortable Entry;
  • Fix: button contrast issue in Sortable Container;


  • Add: Sortable Date block to display a set date from Sortable Entry block.
  • Update: information in Read Me file.


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