Shape WordPress themes

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Much like an artist values every brush stroke on their canvas, we value every block pattern in our themes, and now, we want you to join us in crafting these meaningful details.

Greetings, professionals!

We are happy to present to our latest initiative, one that we believe marks a significant step in our journey towards creating user-centric WordPress themes: our brand-new Suggest Pattern page.

This feature is more than just an update—it’s an open invitation for you, our valued users, to directly participate in the process of refining and enhancing our WordPress themes.

The Suggest Pattern page is designed for you to share your unique block pattern ideas—a particular section layout, a novel design element, or even an innovative functionality that you would love to see included in our future theme updates.

What’s the benefit, you may wonder?

In essence, it’s all about empowerment. This is your opportunity to not only customize our themes to your needs but also to shape the direction of our future theme development. You get the chance to enhance the tools you work with, and together, we get to create WordPress themes that truly reflect and serve the needs of our diverse and creative user base.

Here’s how it works:

Our user-friendly form asks for key information: your email address, the theme name you’re using, the URL of your website where the theme is in use, and most importantly, a URL to a screenshot of the block pattern you’re suggesting.

This simple, yet powerful tool is designed to allow us to understand your ideas in a tangible way. Your screenshots provide us with a visual reference of your vision, making your suggestions more compelling and easier for us to evaluate.

We recognize that the best insights often come from those who use our themes daily—you. You push the limits, adapt to challenges, and come up with ideas we may never have considered. This is why we are incredibly excited about this new collaborative path we are embarking on.

However, as we strive to create themes that cater to the widest user base, please understand that not every suggestion can be incorporated. Nonetheless, every single idea will be considered and has the potential to inspire our development team in numerous ways.

We’re humbled and excited to see your innovative ideas and to shape the future of our WordPress themes together. As always, we are grateful for your continued support and look forward to seeing what amazing block patterns you will suggest!

Visit the Suggest Pattern page now and let’s create together.