Purchase invoice for premium WordPress theme

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Themes Harbor allows to download and to print a purchase invoice for a premium WordPress theme.

The purchase invoice is provided in PDF when downloaded from our store. It’s also possible to print out the invoice within a browser.

Download invoice

After completing the purchase, you can download a purchased WordPress theme as well as its invoice from Themes Harbor dashboard.

Note, you need to be logged in to be able to access the Dashboard page at Themes Harbor.

  1. In Dashboard, click the Purchase history link in the side navigation section to view all purchases.
  2. On the Purchase history page, locate the purchase and then click View Invoice.
  3. Fill out a billing address information needed for an invoice and then click Save Billing Details & Generate Invoice at the bottom of the page. If you’ve already done it before then you will be automatically redirected to the Invoice page.
  4. On the Invoice page, either print the page or download it as PDF.