Introducing ProWP block theme

Say hello to ProWP — our first next-generation Full Site Editing WordPress theme for professionals.

Screenshot of ProWP theme
Click on the screenshot to see a full demo of the theme

ProWP is easily managed through the Site Editor tool, allowing to change not only the structure and content of a WordPress website, but also layouts, fonts, colors, spacing, and much more.

This professional theme comes with a wide range of block patterns and templates to make website customizing simpler. Because of available options, ProWP will easily adapt to your branding.

Key features of ProWP include:

  • Easily customized
  • Lightweight
  • Pre-designed patterns
  • Good readability
  • Control over customizations

ProWP is available for free download on

By the way, we plan to use ProWP for upcoming Themes Harbor redesign since the theme is a great base for creating a professional website in WordPress.