Getting the theme

Below you can find a detailed information on how to get your professional WordPress theme. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions regarding the process of getting the theme.

  1. Select the theme

    View our collection of professional WordPress themes and find the theme you like the most. Note, our collection does not have a lot of themes because we are more focused on quality rather than quantity.

    Click on the theme located in the grid to open the theme page. On this page, you can learn more about the theme itself and preview its live demo.

  2. Add a selected theme to a cart

    Once you’ve decided which theme you want to use on your site, click on the Purchase button located on the theme page. Doing this will save the details of this theme until you’re ready to buy it.

    Now, you have two options: either to continue shopping if you want to buy other themes or to click on Checkout and pay for the theme you have chosen.

  3. Purchase the theme

    You can finalise a purchase on the Checkout page. To open this page, click either on Checkout (this button will be shown on the theme page after clicking on the Purchase button) or the Cart link located in the site header. You will need to complete all the boxes shown in the form to complete your checkout.

    All payments are processed by Stripe, our secure payment processor. Note, if this is not your first time buying the theme at Themes Harbor then click the link at the top of the page to login and complete the purchase. Otherwise, your account will be created automatically.

  4. Check your email

    You will receive a purchase receipt on the email address provided at checkout after a successful payment. If this is your first time buying the theme at Themes Harbor, you will also receive an email with information about your new account at Themes Harbor.

  5. Download the theme

    The process of installing a premium theme is a little bit different compared to the installation of a free theme. Since premium themes are not hosted at site, you need to have the theme files in order to install the theme on your WordPress site.