Improve form layout in WPForms

Even though, there are many contact form plugins for WordPress, today I would like to talk about WPForms, and how to improve from layout in this plugin.

By default, WordPress does not provide a contact form functionality.

That is why WordPress users tend to use 3rd party plugins to create a medium of conversation between a website owner and visitors.

WPForms helps to create contact forms in WordPress. A developer and design team of this plugin do a great job to make it easy in use.

Thus, this WordPress plugin comes with predefined styles by default to make sure your forms do not look broken. It also saves your time to designing the plugin’s forms.

Since each WordPress theme comes with its own design, these predefined styles from the plugin might cause style conflicts in forms.

The form will function properly; however, it might look like the form is from a different design, meaning it does not match an overall design of the site.

To illustrate a possible problem, I’ll use the Matthew theme as an example.

Below, is a preview of the contact page, where the contact form is created using WPForms, and the form includes Base and form theme styling.

Example of the form layout in Matthew, when WPForms includes Base and form theme styling.

It works great but styling does not match the main design of the theme.

Thankfully, the plugin provides a possibility to load Base styling only. It allows the form use native theme styles for forms. As a result, it makes the form more related to the site.

Example of the form layout in Matthew, when WPForms includes Base styling only.

The form styles by the plugin can be configured in plugin’s Settings, under General section.

This is a preview of the plugin’s Settings page.

The Matthew theme, used in this example, is a Gutenberg-powered WooCommerce theme designed for building a professional online store so that you can sell goods or services online.

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