Splitting Post (or Page) into Multiple Pages?

Did you know that WordPress allows you to split a single post or a page into multiple pages? All what you need to do is just add <!–nextpage–> tag in your post or page textarea. So, if you have a very long article and you want to split it then just add Page-Link tag after each paragraph where you want to have a page break.

But remember that you need to use Text/HTML Tab in your editor if you want to add <!–nextpage–> tag. Also, your WordPress Theme must support the page links feature.

If page pagination is not showing up after you have added <!–nextpage–> tag then open your single.php (Single Post) or page.php (Page) and check if you have this code:


If you do not see it then just add it after the content (the_content()).

You can learn more about Page Links here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Styling_Page-Links

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