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Our themes are coded to WordPress’ standards. Since the Block editor presented by WordPress as the future then we are focused on providing the best support for this editor in our themes for professionals.

One of WordPress core contributors (“KafleG“), has brought in an interesting discussion on Twitter about block based themes.

The questions were addressed to theme authors, and stated as: “Why you are not submitting block themes in WordPress as you submit classic themes on a regular basis? What are the reasons behind it?”

Jeffrey Pearce — an experienced WordPress expert, worked on Jetpack, WooCommerce, WordPress.com — said:

“I asked some local agencies here in Cape Town, and some of them indicated workflow – in that they were extremely efficient at creating sites with “their” theme, and making a new block theme would eat into profits. They are waiting to see block themes “mature””.

Jessica Lyschik has also shared own professional opinion about the Block editor:

“I‘ve been testing 5.9 lately and must admit that while the basic features are available, to be able to fully customize everything it is not. It will take time for FSE to mature like the block editor did between 5.0 and 5.8”.

So, many wait while FSE is getting stable. Others, mention about a learning curve.

For example, Sallie Goetsch states:

“I build themes for clients and not the repo, and while I definitely plan to switch to FSE, there’s a lot for me to learn and experiment with before I’m confident enough to use it in production.”

In short, many agree that the Block editor will not go away. A full discussion of this topic can be found here.

Themes Harbor themes

To conclude, the Block editor is the future.

New WordPress users soon enough will not care about the Classic editor. So, they will not know “how it was before”.

And since WordPress no longer displays the Classic editor by default, new WordPress users will not be aware of the Classic editor (unless a research is done).

Accordingly, block themes are the future as well.

At Themes Harbor, while developing professional WordPress themes, we always strive to follow WordPress’ standards.

Thus, if WordPress presents the Block editor as a future of building WordPress themes, then we follow this path.

We also believe that the Block editor and block themes are the future, and it will be beneficial for both, WordPress users and WordPress developers.

With a help of this new WordPress functionality, users will have more native controls to customize their sites, and theme developers will have more ways to introduce interesting and complex layouts, and to help the user create a great looking website.

All of our premium themes have already had a good support for the Block editor. However, we have also started a process of providing a support for Full Site Editor (FSE) in our themes.

Full Site Editing, or FSE, is a new concept of building WordPress sites using blocks only. FSE allows to create all pages, or all your site, within one place — the Block editor.

Also, we are creating migration guides for some of our old templates:

These template migration guides are mostly related to professionals who have started to use our themes before the Block editor.

However, if you have any questions about our themes, feel free to contact us.

At Themes Harbor, we are always working on keeping providing you secure, performant, professionally designed, and accessible — professional WordPress themes.

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