Featured Image

The Featured Image is the feature that comes from WordPress core, and allows to create thumbnails for your WordPress theme. Every post and page in WordPress can have its own Featured Image. The Featured Image can be shown in archive views, page templates, widgets and single views.

Setting Featured Images

Featured Image can be set while Creating or Editing a new Post or Page:

  1. Within the Post or Page Editor in your dashboard, scroll down to the “Featured Image” section which is located in the right column. If this section is not visible, make sure you have “Featured Images” checked within your Screen Options.

    Screen Options
    Screen Options
  2. You can add your Featured Image by clicking on Set featured image.

    "Featured Image" section
    “Featured Image” section
  3. Upload an image from your computer, or select one from your media library.
  4. Once an image is uploaded, click on Use as featured image on the bottom right corner of the image settings.

    "Set Featured Image" button
    Setting a Featured Image

WordPress themes usually define multiple image sizes for the Featured Image. As a result, WordPress will crop uploaded Featured Image to all these sizes when you set a Featured Image. These different sized images will be used by theme on various locations on your website.

Remove Featured Image

You can also delete your Featured Image by clicking on Remove featured image in the “Featured Image” section.

Removing a Featured Image
Removing a Featured Image