Creating a Custom Home Page in WordPress

By default, WordPress shows your recent blog posts on a main home page. But you’ve probably seen a lot of WordPress sites that are using a custom home page instead of a regular blog page. In this post, we’ll show you how to set a custom front page.

First of all you need to create a new page ( Pages → Add New ) and name it whatever you want. I usually name it “Home”. Also, you might want to disable comments for your custom front page.

If your theme comes with a custom page template specially designed for the front page then select it in your “Page Attributes” Pane (right hand side). Publish your page when you are ready.

Next step is to create a Blog Page. Navigate to Pages in your WordPress Dashboard Navigation and then click on Add New link. Name your new page whatever you want and then click on a Publish button.

Now navigate to Settings → Reading because we need to set those pages. For Front page: choose your Home Page that you have created. For Posts page: choose your Blog Page that you have created. Then click on Save Changes button.

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Taras Dashkevych

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