Rounding Gravatars in WordPress

The solution is very simple. You don’t need to use any special software to create a rounded Gravatar image. Well, you can but other images will be not rounded (think about the comment section). In order to round all Gravatar images you need to add a few lines of CSS code to your stylesheet and it will do the trick for you. Today, we will show you how to make your WordPress Gravatar images rounded.

Removing Comments from the Specific Post or Page

Sometimes you want to disable the option for your users to submit comments on certain posts or pages. WordPress allows you easily to remove a comment section from the specific post or page without modifying any theme files, adding custom functions or installing plugins. All what you need is just to uncheck a few check boxes and the comment section will be removed.

Installing a new WordPress Theme

Today we are going to write just another WordPress tutorial that will teach how to install WordPress theme. It’s easy to install a theme for people who use WordPress every day but what if you haven’t used WordPress before, and today is your first day using this amazing web software? That’s why we’ve decided to write this step-by-step tutorial that will help a new WordPress user to install a theme.