Author bio in WordPress

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Displaying an author bio on a WordPress website is a great way to give credit for the work done.

The platform comes with a tool to manage bios for users, which also includes authors, in WordPress.

The author bio box serves as a brief display space for details about the individual who wrote the post. By default, the author’s bio is empty. However, it is possible to change it at any time.

Manage author bio

In WordPress dashboard:

  1. Go to Users → All Users to view a list of registered users.
  2. Move mouse cursor over the user to edit.
  3. Click Edit under the user name.
  4. Locate About Yourself section.
  5. Add or remove text in teaxtrea next to Biographical Info.
  6. Press Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.
Preview of WordPress dashboard with active page that allows to manage user.

Usually, websites shows the author bio box below the post content. However, the section can be shown in other places as well, depending on active theme.

The author bio section can display the author’s image. Despite the absence of a straightforward upload option, it is still possible to change a user’s profile picture on a website built with WordPress.

Note, support for author bio box varies from theme to theme.

Premium WordPress themes for professionals by Themes Harbor support author bio sections on posts.