Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program is a great way to earn money by promoting your favorite WordPress themes. When users click on one of your referral links, they will be brought to the online store and their activity will be tracked by the affiliate software. If they make a purchase on the site, you earn a monetary reward.

Currently, Themes Harbor does not provide such program but we are planning to incorporate it into our system. Before doing it, we would like to see if you are interested in joining our affiliate program. This is a reason why we have created a newsletter signup form — to see how many people are interested in such program.

We do not have any set commission rates yet but we think that it should be at least 20%. So, you can earn up to $30 for each sale you refer.

If you are interested in our Affiliate Program, please sign up for a newsletter below. It will give us a general picture of who is interested in this program and how many people are ready to join it. We will send you an email once the Affiliate Program is ready, so you can join it and start earning money.

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