Add custom code in WordPress

WordPress is known for its flexibility and ability to add custom code, with a variety of plugins and themes.

However, sometimes the available plugins on a website may not meet your needs. In such situations, adding custom code to WordPress can enhance the website’s functionality.

It’s important to note that even a small mistake in custom code can disrupt a WordPress website.

In this article, you’ll learn a simple and secure method for adding custom code to WordPress without causing any harm.

Wrong way to add custom code

Before discussing various ways to add custom functionality to a WordPress site safely, let’s first go over what to avoid.

Never directly edit code in the WordPress core, plugins, or parent theme files. Such changes are not sustainable in the long term.

For instance, adding custom code to the functions.php file or modifying any files in the parent theme will result in the loss of those changes during a theme update.

The same thing applies for plugins and a WordPress core.

Some users avoid updating their WordPress site, including themes or plugins, due to the loss of custom code.

This is a very poor approach as updates ensure the site runs smoothly and efficiently by providing security patches, bug fixes, and new features.

Let’s now discuss safe methods for adding code snippets to a WordPress website.

Possible ways to add code snippets

Using a child theme is one method to extend the functionality of a WordPress website. Child themes are commonly used to modify the functionality and layout of the parent theme.

WordPress child theme allows for updating the parent theme without losing custom changes.

If you’re using one of our professional WordPress themes (hybrid version), there’s no need to create a child theme. Our premium themes include access to a blank child theme.

Another option is to build a custom plugin. This is a good way to modify the functionality of a WordPress site and keep changes even if you change themes.

However, building a custom plugin requires advanced coding skills. For more information on plugin development, refer to the WordPress Codex.

Easiest way to add custom code snippets

The Code Snippets plugin allows easy addition of custom code without modifying files. Custom snippets can be added safely during upgrades.

After installing and activating the plugin, find the Snippets link in the main navigation of the WordPress dashboard:

  1. Click on Add New to create a new code snippet.
  2. Add a title for your code snippet.
  3. In the Code section, add your code.
  4. Below the Code section, find a section of asking where you want to run your code snippet.
  5. Add description of your code snippet (optional).
  6. Add tags (optional).
  7. Save your code snippet.

Adding code to a WordPress website allows for customization with various changes. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how to make customizations with code snippets.

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