A new era for The Breaking News

We’ve recently released a new version of The Breaking News. This WordPress theme was rewritten from the ground up. Although, the core functionality has been completely changed, the theme design remains mostly the same as it has been in the previous versions.

The initial version of the theme has been introduced to the public approximately six or seven years ago. This is the time when we have started to develop WordPress themes. The Breaking News was one of our most popular themes and it was exclusively sold at ThemeForest.

The first version of theme has not had any critical issues and it has been working fine with the latest WordPress versions but its codebase has become bloated since the initial release. It was the beginning of our journey to the WordPress world, so we’ve tried to add everything we can to the theme.

Now, after many years of working with WordPress, we can say that it has not been a very smart decision. We want to have The Breaking News in our collection and many people have been already asking about the theme but keeping the initial version is not an option because it negatively affects the quality of the theme.

So, we have decided to completely rewrite the theme with a focus on performance, accessibility and flexibility. Also, the theme is now sold at Themes Harbor. It is no longer available at ThemeForest. Moreover, we have updated a documentation for the theme. Below you can find all useful links regarding the theme.

Hope you like the new version of The Breaking News, and if you have any questions about the theme, feel free to contact us.

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